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INVITE Alliance

Broadening Participation

The INVITE Institute serves as a nexus that provides resources for building capacity for research, education, and broadening participation in the intersection of AI and Education for All, serving a wide array of stakeholders, including researchers, scientists, K-12 educators, K-12 policymakers, university faculty, university students, and EdTech companies. As a nexus, the INVITE institute aims to: (1) provide opportunities to develop knowledge about the use, control, and impact of AI-enabled educational systems and (2) actively build a diverse future workforce to create the next generation of AIED technologies. 

A key goal of the INVITE Institute is to build capacity for education and research in AIED with integrated evidence-based approaches for diversity, equity, and inclusion into activities. Through collaboration with the STARS Computing Corps, a national alliance for broadening participation in computing, the INVITE Institute will offer programs for a diverse group of students to participate in inclusive research experiences, for scaling undergraduate courses in AIED that integrate inclusive approaches to teaching, and for engaging K-12 teachers in efforts to integrate equitable and inclusive approaches to providing K-12 students with AI-enabled STEM learning. By enlisting members of the K-20 educational ecosystem as part of an INVITE community of practice, we pursue two common goals: (1) building capacity for AI-augmented learning; and (2) broadening participation of historically excluded groups in STEM.

Additionally, to advance the transfer of knowledge and promote collaboration to advance AIED research, the INVITE Institute will actively share research findings and resources that are produced. Activities include:

“INVITEd” Speaker Series
A platform to share research through a quarterly online webinar.
INVITE will sustain a vibrant community through the INVITE Summit, an annual in-person convening of INVITE researchers and stakeholders to disseminate research results and establish research collaborations. Summits will celebrate K-12 teachers and college students in INVITE programs designed to advance equitable and inclusive computing education.
INVITE Digital Library
Serving as a national resource and nexus, INVITE will establish a digital library of resources generated from the project like software tools, data sets, reports, publications, webinars, and education/workforce development curricula, guides, and videos.

INVITE supports activities focused on broadening participation of historically excluded and marginalized groups in K-12 CS & AI Education. For example we build on existing leadership efforts by partnering with

INVITE Partnership Organizations